HOPEN - Visitor kit

Visitor Eco kit (1 lab coat, 1 bouffant cap, 1 mask, 1 pair of shoecovers)

Ref. 1013

  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene
Visitor kit

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Features and benefits

  • Widely used by business visitors and kitchen ones, this disposable kit ensures a new protection for each use.
  • Economical and easy to use, this kit is ideal for short-term sites visit.
  • Kit visitor used as environmental control object in the hygienic approach in various industries .
  • Barrier against the release of hair and squams in the workplace

Technical specifications

  • Material : CPE blue shocovers (10.100), white bouffant cap Ø 48 cm (70.001), paper mask 1 ply (60.001), PE transparent lab coat with snaps (50.001)
  • Made in : China

Product information

Product features

Brand Article Size Colour
Hopen 50.701 U White/Blue

Packaging Features

Inner case Packaging
Individual packaging 100 x 1

Certifications and standards :

  • Manufactured under a certified quality system ISO 9001

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