Clean room & controlled environment mask isoair

Non sterile - Type of fasteners : Tie-on

Ref. 60.720*

  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene

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Features and benefits

  • Low particle release - Helmke drum tested for use in clean rooms

  • Excellent filtration efficiency of particles, bacteria and viruses (> 99 %)

  • The mask is adaptable to users and protocols with two sizes available

  • Softex technology limits the risk of particulate contamination while reducing the risk of skin irritation for the user

  • The adjustable and malleable nose clip prevents glasses from fogging up
  • The ISO AIR range is manufactured in an ISO 8 classified clean room

Infos complémentaires

Made from 35% recycled materials, this ISO AIR mask reduces the consumption of polypropylene from fossil resources. Thanks to the Mass Balance approach and its value chain, we have designed the ISO AIR range from recycled polypropylene which, thanks to a chemical recycling process using heat, is returned to the state of monomers. This enables to keep the same characteristics as virgin polypropylene. It is thanks to this technique that our Mass Balance masks maintain excellent performances, similar to the performances of a mask made from virgin polypropylene.. For more information about Mass Balance, please contact us.

Technical specifications

  • Type d'attaches : Tie-on
  • Colors : WHITE_PICTOWhite
  • Size / Dimensions : M / L
  • Sterilization method : Non sterile
  • Applications : Aeronautics, Automotive, Cosmetics, Medical Devices, Micro & nanoelectronics, Laboratory, Research, Biotechnology
  • Made in : France

Product information

Product features

Article Size Color
60.720L L White
60.720M M White

Packaging Features

Inner case Packaging
Doublepacked 6 x 50 units
Doublepacked 6 x 50 units

Certifications & standards

  • Clean room ISO 8 production
  • Helmke drum test

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