Know-how and Production

Find out more about our two production sites in France: expert know-how, exemplary social responsibility and a reliable supply guarantee.

Our production sites in France

Our two production sites in France are the pillars of our commitment to controlled know-how, exemplary social responsibility and a guarantee of reliable supplies. These sites are the beating heart of our company, where multidisciplinary teams work together to offer the best products on the market. Our R&D, quality, regulatory, industrial, methods, HR and other teams work together tirelessly to ensure the excellence of our products.


Saint Barthélemy d'Anjou plant, Maine-et-Loire

Our first factory, based in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou, Maine-et-Loire, is the fruit of over 50 years' experience. Here, we develop and manufacture single-use protective equipment, with a particular focus on environmentally controlled respiratory protection. At this plant, we design and produce high-quality medical masks, FFP masks, headgear, overshoes, as well as dental bibs and care squares. Our Saint Barthélemy d'Anjou site is a symbol of our commitment to quality and innovation.


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Manikheir plant in Bessé-sur-Braye, Sarthe

Our second plant, Manikheir, is located in Bessé-sur-Braye, in the Sarthe region of France. Born in 2021, it embodies our vision of strengthening European sovereignty in the production of personal protective equipment. With a capacity to supply up to one billion single-use nitrile gloves, Manikheir's ultimate aim is to ensure sufficient stock levels to meet the global needs of the healthcare sector and sensitive industries. This plant is tangible proof of our commitment to safety and preparation for the future, to ensure the availability of high-quality products at all times.


Our ManiKHeir factory


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Our two production sites in France are the foundations of our commitment to excellence, reliability and safety. They reflect our dedication to our customers and our mission to protect those who rely on our products, every day.