Our commitment to the community

At Medicom, our shared commitment is to help make the world a safer and healthier place by providing consistent and reliable protection.
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For our internal community

QLW Committee

The creation of a Quality of Life at Work Committee aims to improve daily working life within the company. It plays a benevolent role towards all employees and managerial staff and conducts long-term projects that accompany the life of the company.

The committee is made up of employees from all positions and levels of the organisation, who initiate actions that is then implemented by all the members of the company.


Occupational Health & Safety at work

Occupational health and safety is one of our main concerns as Medicom continues to grow. We want to develop our control of occupational risks by reducing the frequency and severity of work-related accidents as much as possible. This process is carried out jointly with the entire company through consultation and participation of employees, managers and management, so that everyone is involved.

For our external community

Material donations

Elementary schools in Saint-Barthélemy-d'Anjou

We donate our products with slight defects free of charge without having to comply with the filtration requirements of the EN 14683 Standard.


Pays-de-la-Loire University Hospital (CHU)

Our overstocks of products (aprons, gowns, etc.) were donated to the hospitals of Angers and Nantes during the Covid-19 crisis, when they were faced with a shortage of protective equipment.


Women's Committee 49

Pink masks exceptionally designed to support the fight against breast cancer were donated to the Comité Féminin 49 association on the occasion of the Pink October trail.


Toimaya ya Maoudou

Medicom donated 112,000 masks to the French-Comorian association Toimaya Ya Maoudou to enable Comorian students to continue their education during the Covid-19 pandemic.




Medicom is committed to support the Ligue Contre le Cancer (League Against Cancer) and Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World).


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ALDEV accompanied Medicom and Scania in a solidarity operation during the Covid-19 pandemic: the salary sharing.

Some Scania employees were made redundant during the shutdown caused by the lockdown.

At Medicom, we needed some emergency skills because of the strong growth in our business due to the pandemic.

Scania had these skills in-house, so we hired their employees until their business could resume.

Medicom CSR