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Kit Four Extra (PPE Cat. III): 1 pair of anti-fog goggles with polycarbonate screen + 1 reusable half-mask in TPE + 2 filter cartridges with A2P3 protection + instructions for use

Ref. 50.702-RHF

  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Industry

  • Hygiene
Hopen Kit Four
Hopen Kit Four
Hopen Kit Four

Features and benefits

This kit includes respiratory and face protection articles to keep user safe from risks associated with heat and chemicals products.

NB : This kit isused in addition to protective clothing (coveralls, gloves, overshoes, bouffant caps), adapted to the same level of risks (heat & chemicals), defined in the risk analysis for the recommended cleaning activity.

It can be used :

To strip / rub down gas or electric ovens, roaster, grills, range cookers, fryers, hot plates and hoods.

To manipulate pure liquid / gel or corrosive products permitting to take off and dissolve cooked fat even burnt out, without having to rub or scratch.

Technical specifications

  • Composition kit : Reusable TPE half mask - PPE Cat. III / Filter cartridges with A2P3 protection - PPE Cat. III / Pair of glasses anti-fog mask with polycarbonate screen - PPE Cat. II / Manual

Product information

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Outercase 245 units

1 kit per box

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