Discover the world of WeeSafe: safety without compromise, for optimum protection every day.


We select only top-quality raw materials, based on business risks. We adapt the different sewing techniques in line with these same risks. Finally, we have defined loose-fitting cuts for each size, to optimise the comfort and durability of our models.



We have developed a relationship of trust and loyalty with our partner factories. They are regularly audited by European bodies. Quality controls are carried out systematically during production and when products are received in our warehouse, enabling us to check that the products comply with the established specifications.



Our garments are certified by European bodies and comply with the new EU directive 2016/425 on PPE. We are in constant contact with public bodies and trade associations to ensure that we comply with current standards and anticipate future ones.



The fun, universal pictograms used on our packaging make it easy to read and understand, whatever the language used. The characteristics of the product and the application for which it has been designed are immediately identifiable.



From the start of production to the final packaging, no detail is overlooked! Each product range has its own colour-coded carton, making it quick and easy to identify in storage areas. The same colour code is used on the breast label and on the packaging bag. Each carton has a batch number for full traceability.



In response to the diversity of applications encountered, WeeSafe has drawn up a job guide. This guide details the different professional activities where chemical risks are omnipresent, as well as the professions concerned and the different chemical substances encountered. This sales aid is intended for our partners specialising in PPE, as well as all specifiers and users, to guide them in their safety choices.