Our Gloves

Medicom offers a range of gloves that are among the best known and most recommended on the market

Our design and manufacturing are based on four key principles:

Choice of materials

A variety of materials 
To address the various protection needs and high-quality requirements that make durable gloves

Optimum use

Superior quality grip without compromising the flexibility in order to adapt to all the constraints associated with various uses.

Superior comfort

Retention of touch sensitivity, a feeling of second skin to be at ease in all movements and manipulations.


Our single-use gloves are manufactured in compliance with current MD and/or PPE and/or food contact standards.

Learn more about food contact single-use gloves

Discover our range of single-use gloves qualified for food contact

Nitrile gloves
Latex gloves
Vinyl gloves
TPE gloves

Nitrile gloves


  • Second skin feeling, soft texture
  • Made of synthetic latex, considered to be an excellent alternative for people allergic to natural latex
  • Provides a comfortable fit with improved polymer technology, to provide optimum dexterity in wet and dry conditions
  • Textured finish at the fingertips for a better grip
  • Offers high resistance to piercing (three times greater than latex) and abrasion
  • Mechanically resistant to avoid overconsumption
  • Provides protection from exposure to chemicals
  • Compatible with certain foodstuffs


Discover our range of nitrile gloves

Nitrile Glove
Latex Glove

Latex gloves


  • Very flexible and elastic
  • Offers outstanding fit, comfort and dexterity
  • Good grip thanks to extreme sensitivity
  • Excellent mechanical resistance to tearing and creasing
  • High abrasion resistance for greater durability
  • Provide an effective barrier against biological contaminants
  • NB: possible allergic risks in the event of prolonged and direct exposure to the skin


Discover our range of latex gloves

Vinyl gloves


  • Cost-effective alternative to latex and nitrile gloves for short-term use
  • Offer standard level protection
  • Excellent resistance to piercing, stretching and general wear and tear
  • NB: not compatible with prolonged contact with fatty substances under standards related
  • to contact with food

Discover our range of vinyl gloves

Nitrile Glove
TPE Glove

TPE gloves


  • Most economical on the market
  • Perfectly suited for short-term use in the food industry


Discover our range of TPE gloves