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Intervention in industrial environment


Our broad range of products was developed to meet the needs and requirements of 4 major sectors of activity: Dental, Industry, Medical and Hygiene.



Operating room / Intensive care / Routine care & outpatient care / Home nursing care service & Home hospitalization/ General Practisioner & specialists

  • Protect the patient and/or healthcare professional from any risk of cross-contamination
  • Protect the working environment by using high quality, non-contaminated medical devices
  • Improve user’s comfort


Dental technicians / Stemmatologists / Orthodontists / Dental surgeons / Dental assistants

  • Guarantee the highest level of hygiene for the professional and his patient
  • Improve patient and caregiver comfort during procedures



Pharmaceutical laboratories / Chemistry / Petrochemistry / Nuclear / Food industry / Maintenance / Construction

  • Provide quality personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Meet all European standards to ensure that operators are protected for each identified risk.
  • Equip operators to preserve the environment from any risk of cross-contamination


Hotels / Industrial & traditional catering / Cleaning & cleaning companies / Local authorities

  • Manage sanitary risks in compliance with the HACCP approach
  • Meet all standards and obligations related to food contact standards
  • Ensure optimal cleaning and disinfection of surfaces