Medicom® saliva ejectors

Medicom ® Saliva Ejectors , removable tip, Length: 15 cm , MD Class IIa

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Medicom® saliva ejectors
Medicom® saliva ejectors

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Features and benefits

  • Saliva ejectors is a narrow tubular device providing suction to draw saliva, blood, and debris from the mouth of a dental patient in order to maintain a clear operative field. This disposable device is connected to an active device, normally a pneumatic suction circuit.
  • The nozzle is fixed by a melting process which ensures safety and protection against detachment and also prevents the return flow
  • The metal wire of the saliva ejector fits solidly in the tube to guarantee that the desired shape is perfectly maintained
  • The great flexibility and the absence of folds ensure an excellent aspiration
  • The rounded nozzle respects the sensitive gums and avoids the aspiration of the flesh
  • CE certified product by NB 1639

Technical specifications

  • Material : PVC cannula enhanced by a copper or zinc wire covered or annealed steel wire ; Filtering part is made of polyethylene
  • Colors : ORANGE_PICTO Orange Lavander Yellow GREEN_PICTOGreen PINKPink BLUE_PICTOBlue WHITE_PICTOTransparent
  • Size / Dimensions : Length: 15 cm (± 0,5 cm)
  • Made in : Europe

Product information

Product features

Brand Article Size Color
MEDICOM 704-C 15 CM Transparent
MEDICOM 705-B 15 CM Blue
MEDICOM 706-G 15 CM Green
MEDICOM 708-Y 15 CM Yellow
MEDICOM 710-L 15 CM Lavender
MEDICOM 711-O 15 CM Orange
MEDICOM 712-P 15 CM Pink

Packaging Features

Inner case Packaging
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100
Bag 10x100

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