June 02, 2022

Kolmi Hopen receives EcoVadis silver medal

Kolmi Hopen Eco Vadis

One year after starting its CSR process, the Kolmi Hopen Group is rewarded

For the first year of the implementation of its CSR approach, the efforts made by the Kolmi Hopen teams have delivered results.

With a score of 60/100, the company is proud to have succeeded in meeting this challenge.

The implementation of a CSR approach affects all spheres of the company, the work is multiple and often simultaneous, but the resilience and determination to be part of a responsible growth have allowed us to achieve this very positive and encouraging score for 2023.

Kolmi Hopen has been defending Made in France for more than 50 years, with ethics and responsibility, so it was only natural that the Group wanted to promote its approach.

The next challenge? The gold medal!

About Kolmi-Hopen

Kolmi-Hopen has been a major paper processor since 1921 and is specialised in the manufacture of single-use products for the whole body (masks, respiratory protection, caps, clothing, footwear, personal hygiene and healthcare) intended for medical, and hygiene professionals and industry.

Under the brand names OP AIR PRO Oxygen, OP AIR PRO, OP AIR, OP R, ISO AIR, Kolmi Hopen is the leading supplier in the market for single-use respiratory protection and medical masks. Since 2011, it has been part of the Canadian Medicom Group, the world leader in disposable solutions for the dental sector

More information on kolmi-hopen.com or LinkedIn.

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