Pride in Protection for over 30 years
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Pride in Protection for over 30 years

The Medicom Group was founded in 1988 to meet the urgent need for gloves during the HIV epidemic crisis.

At first, the Group was a distributor but it quickly made a major shift to become a producer of its own innovative products that met specific requirements, particularly in the dental sector.

Since then, the operations and range of Medicom have spread to all continents, making it a standard-setter in single-use protection in the dental sector.


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Strategic areas of activity

Dental, Medical, Industry



Gloves, Dental Products, Masks, Sterilisation Products



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  • Medicom® Headrest covers
    Medicom® SafeBasics™ Headrest Cover Tissue + PE, 25 x 25 cm , white
  • Medicom® dental cotton rolls
    Medicom® SafeBasics™ Dental Cotton rolls, MD Class I, white, size #2 (1.0 x 3.8 cm) 2.000pcs boxes (to be replaced by 4552,BX NEW COMING SOON)
  • SafeSeal Quattro® sterilization flat reels
    Medicom® SafeSeal® Quattro Flat Sterilization Reel, MD Class I
  • SafeSeal Quattro® sterilization pouches Flat with adhesive tape
    Medicom® SafeSeal® Quattro Flat Sterilization Pouches, MD Class I