March 20, 2023

A well-fitted and adapted PPE is a well protected user!

Adjust Air

At Kolmi Hopen (Medicom Group), our shared commitment is to help make the world a safer and healthier place by providing reliable solutions and services.

With this in mind, we have partnered with Adjust'Air, a service company specialising in respirator fit testing and air filtration for FFP2/3 mask users.

Occupational health and safety has become a major issue in companies over the last decades. The employer has an obligation to analyse the risks and to implement solutions.

Wearing a respirator is essential for protection, but the mask is ineffective if it does not fit the wearer properly.

Improperly fitted Category III PPE - FFP respirators can be a major and deadly hazard!


However, not all wearers of FFP masks are optimally protected. Why not?

  • The wearer is not trained to wear the mask
  • The mask does not fit properly on the wearer's face
  • The mask size is not adapted to the wearer's morphotype


The quantitative Fit Test aims to determine the tightness of a respiratory mask. It is carried out on all types of masks: FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, disposable half-masks, full-face masks and even SCBAs (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) for fire fighters.

The role of Adjust'Air technicians is to make wearers aware of the good practices to know and to implement when wearing a respiratory protection mask. They will also have the task of training wearers in the correct fitting of their respiratory device and they will also be able to suggest a mask size that is better adapted to the wearer's morphotype.


Thanks to the Fit Test, we are able to determine whether :

  • Users receive the expected level of protection
  • The mask does not leak
  • The size of the respirator is correctly adapted to the wearer's morphology


Conducting regular quantitative Fit Tests is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of the respirators used.


So when should a FIT TEST be done?

  • At the time of the initial selection of the RPA
  • If the facepiece has not been tested before
  • When changing models and/or brands
  • If there are changes in the wearer's facial characteristics (scars, weight loss, etc.)
  • If required by the company's health and safety policy


How does the Fit Test work?

> 1 day package:

  • Up to 15 people tested
  • 15 minutes per person
  • Night session possible on specific request

> How it works :

The wearer is led through a series of exercises and movements with the help of the Portacount particle counter. The principle is based on the measurement of the particle content of the ambient air, which is compared with that inside the mask.

Kolmi Hopen offers the possibility to choose a mask adapted to your morphotype among the sizes S, M and L with its Kolmi Op Air Pro Oxygen FFP mask.

To learn more, watch our YouTube video on the subject

Youtube  Fit test quantitatif_V FR - YouTube


For more information, contact us:

Adjust Air  +33 2 41 96 34 34

Adjust Air


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